mehmet on November 8, 2019

Owing to its panoramic scene, the land has a huge architectural potential. The project site is close to campuses of embassies, to newly developing settlements and retail facilities. The program of the project designed with reference of its location, land advantages and the beautiful view. The most distinctive quality of the design is that it belongs to that place starting with the formation of the mass that respect the limitations of the land and topography as well as geometric features and elevation differences, it is a residential led mixed-use project. The building is shaped according to the layers of the land, overlooking the valley; the residential tower rises above the terraced structure allocated for communal areas. The 48 storey tower reaching a height of 184 meters behaves as an extension of the city with the lower stories stretching into the open, semi-open and closed common areas. 5 storey retail zone with 30,000sqm rentable area, in addition to shopping facilities, includes a pleasant food court with different alternatives merged with recreational areas that invite all Ankara people to come together to indulge in the 360 degree city view and promenade. This is a meeting point for the urban dwellers, not just another residential building or only a shopping mall.

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